Industrial / Process Engineer

Company Name:
## Description
Measure and analyze resource productivity using time and motion studies
Create and maintain Process Operation Standards
Forecast process time and resource requirements for future models and projects
Improve productivity with the use of: tooling, layout, lean manufacturing methodology, ergonomic improvements and engineering skills
Understand safety, quality, and environmental requirements and associates impact to resources
Integrate process engineering with Safety, Quality, New Model, Equipment and Production staff
Pursue future technological improvements (innovation)
Support daily on-line troubleshooting for safety, quality and delivery problems
Develop plans and schedules for New Model activities
Report resource requirements to both Department and Plant Management as needed
Act as minor model project lead for Paint Department. Includes managing schedules, budgets, and on project as required.
Daily Tasks:
Daily communication meetings with production areas
Follow up on daily safety and quality issues related to manual processes
Collection and analysis of time and motion data
Process experimentation and hypothesis testing
Maintenance of process related quality documents and operation standard database to assure high quality output and ISO compliance
Assist Quality and Production with process audits
1 year industrial engineering experience
Required Skills:
Strong computer skills: all Microsoft Office application and AutoCAD
Ability to multi-task and function in a factory environment
Ability to read/create technical drawings and specifications
Knowledge of statistical quality control (TQM, Six-Sigma)
Strong problem solving skills and understanding of the Scientific Method
Strong written and verbal skills. Ability to clearly present and communicate technical information
Desired Skills:
Motivated, self-started with the ability to learn quickly
Ability to network with associates in other departments and facilities to find needed information
Good planning, organization and visualization skills
Previous ergonomics knowledge / experience
Computer skills: Minitab, 3D CAD experience (CATIA), web page design, simulation software, programming experience
Previous experience using Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST)
Minimum Job Relevant Knowledge:
Knowledge of human factors, manufacturing, operations research, production management systems and "Lean Manufacturing" concepts
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering or equivalent
## Qualifications
Req ID: HMI0000A0

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